Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vincent Nguyen Interview

                                                                     (Vincent Nguyen, bringing the Sketchbook to Katsuya Terada in Japan, 2009)

-How did you get the sketch book ?
I was invited by Dice and Gerald

-What do you think about this collective project?
I think the project is a great way to preserve different talents in different fields of art.  I just wish there were more pages for more artist.

-Who did you give you the scketchbook and whom did you give it then ?
I gave my book to Sang Jun Lee and I wasnt exactly sure who he gave it to but I'm sure it was very hard to follow Sang Jun.

-What technique did you use ?
My piece of art was done in Oil paints.

-Did you have already and idea of what you would draw in it ?

I didnt have an idea initially but I was working on a childrens book for Simon and Schuster at the time so I decided to paint the character fro sketchtravel.

-Where you happy, motivated, excited, scared to get that sketchbook in the hands ? Can you tell us how you felt ?
I was one of the few people that had the book early so I did a very simple looking piece.  Knowing what it looks like now I wish I can have it back to work on it some more!

-Who (in the contributors) would you like to work with in the future ?
Luckily I have worked with a lot of the artist in the book and to be honest there isn't anyone I can choose solely.