Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scott Campbell / interview

-How did you get the sketch book ?
My friend Daisuke asked me to participate. we worked together at Lucas Learning long ago.  so he gave the book to me.  and then I met Gerald when i was visiting france after i had done my piece.  they are a good team, those two.

-What do you think about this collective project?
I love it!  I like that the sketchbook itself becomes an awesome character that travels the world meeting artists.  It probably loves having it's pages graced by so many amazing hands.  it is fun to see where the book goes and see all the various styles involved.

-Who did you give you the scketchbook and whom did you give it then?
Dice gave it to me and i gave it back to him.  it was an average hand off between bros. I think perhaps we were eating curry.

-What technique did you use?
I used a brush pen and pencil. although i wish i had more time to do a full watercolor painting. especially after i started to see how the book developed!  it became an amazing full gallery!

-Did you have already and idea of what you would draw in it?
Well, i was into drawing board games at the time and technology through the ages, so that was already in my mind.  but the piece itself was a new idea.  it was a caveman boardgame... learning technology.

-Where you happy, motivated, excited, scared to get that sketchbook in the hands ? Can you tell us how you felt ?
I felt unbelievably honored to be included.  I felt nervous about it for sure. I wanted to make it good to be worthy of living with the rest of the stuff.  but i felt super excited looking at the art that came before.  that definitely inspired me.

-Who(in the contributors) would you like to work with in the future?
All of them!  there were some amazing French illustrators that I would love to meet and work with.  especially in the children's book and comic realm.

-What are your news (signatures, upcoming books, movie or else)?
I have an art exhibition in Paris at Galerie Arludik on April 19th.  My first children's book Zombie In Love comes out August 2011.  My ongoing series GREAT SHOWDOWNS can be found on the web at and my Double Fine Action Comics at My first art book collecting my paintings will come out in the fall from Insight Editions! (the art book hasnt been announced yet.)