Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Artists from "UP" in Sketchtravel

While I am writing thoses words, some people in Cannes have the great honor to discover brand new Pixar movie : "UP" as the opening of this incontrovertible festival.
And you probably ask yourself : "What the hell is the link with Sketchtravel ?" Well, We have the terrific privilege to count artists from Pixar in the Sketchtravel who actually worked during years on this
tremendous movie : Daniel Lopez Munoz (artistic director) Enrico Casarosa (storyboard) and Ronnie del Carmen (in the middle of the pic, just sitten near Pete Docter)and Lou Romano. I aware getting those huge talent
on board in Sketchtravel is incredible and I can't thank them enough to believe in this project (Dice, Man, we owe you so much).
While US citizen will watch this very expected movie next may 29th, we unfortunately will have to wait until july 29th in France to see it.
Personaly, I can't wait !

UPDATE : Dice suggests to watch this link