Friday, May 15, 2009

Aurelien Predal and Maïlys Vallade meet Enrique Fernandez

Here are some pics of the european"hand-of" between French Aurelien Predal, Mailys Vallade and Spanish Enrique Fernandez(blue t-shirt). Enrique, coming from Barcelona, is promoting his brand new comic book in France and so it was the perfect timing to give him the Sketchbook in Paris. While Mailys is currently finishing her film at Gobelins school (3d grade) Aurelien Predal is currently artistic director at Onyx Film, France on a secret project led by Alexandre HEBOYAN. Many people know Enrique through his tremendous work on spanish movie Nocturna but he is also a terrific comic book artist as you can see on his blog. Aurelien and Mailys, who are a couple of talented artists shared their double page. You can visit their own blog where they explain their process and report their Sketchtravel experience. Famous Marc Aguesse (aka the guy with glasses but no blue t-shirt,leader of incontrovertible ) Victor Maldonado (aka the handsome spanish man with beard /Co-director of Nocturna) and comic book artist Ben Fiquet (red-haired guy) shared this nice meal with us at Cafe de l'Industrie, a few steps from Bastille, Paris.