Monday, August 24, 2009

Peter de Sève did it !

I am very proud this morning to tell you the brand new Sketchtravel's contribution by one of the most talented Artists I have ever met has just been done : Incontrovertible Character Designer and acclaimed Illustrator Peter de Sève painted a tremendous watercolor in the Sketchbook.
It's authentic, full of humor and style, reporting how you can struggle with this sketchbook !
I certainly miss words in english to say my gratitude to Peter for bringing his voice, his talent and his reputation to this crazy project.

Peter has launched his own blog a few days ago :
and still gets his website :

Don't miss his next Artbook :

Peter is going to meet Natalie Ascencios soon in Brooklyn in order to give her the Sketchbook in the woodcase. Natalie Asciencos, you are warmly welcome in this
international Sketchtravel's club !

FR :
J'ai le plaisir et l'honneur de vous annoncer que l'éminent Peter de Sève, illustrateur (le New-Yorker magazine, etc) et créateur de personnages (L'Age de Glace, Le Monde de Nemo,etc) vient tout juste d'apporter sa contribution au carnet de Sketchtravel.
Peter a ouvert son propre blog il y a quelques jours :
and still gets his website :

Ne manquez pas son prochain Artbook :

Peter va rencontrer l'illustratrice Natalie Ascencios dans quelques heures à Brooklyn afin de lui remettre le carnet dans sa malette.