Sunday, June 14, 2009

Veronique Joffre and Sylvain Marc have the Sketchbook !

Sylvain Marc and Véronique Joffre came at home on friday to get the Sketchbook. Sylvain Marc already had the sketchbook in hands a few months ago in London when he visited Mr Quentin Blake
to get the Sketchbook back. Unfortunately he didn't have enough time at this moment to bring his contribution and neither Veronique because we had to bring the sketchbook to Mr John Howe in Switzerland (schedule).
But here we are ! it's their turn now for the last round in Europe and especially in UK where both of them are currently living in the swinging London. While Veronique is a full time freelace illustrator, Sylvain works at Cartoon Network
and is freelance too during his free time (the truth is he can't stop creating and doesn't have any free time anyway).
Veronique iss currently preparing some originals pieces for her exhibition at Gallery Nucleus and Sylvain his own project at Cartoon Network.
I have no doubt both of them are going to create something super special in the Sketchtravel's Sketchbook and I can't wait to see what they are going to invent.

Despite our communication on the subject, we keep receiving some propositions from many artists around. It is a great honor to know many artists would love to be in the sketchbook but unfortunately, the list is closed.
Indeed, we don't have places anymore and we don't plan to launch a second book before this first one is finished. Thank you very much !

The sketchbook will be back in the USA next July. It will visit Peter de Sève, Greg Couch, Natalie Ascencios, Tomer Hanuka and more !