Thursday, June 11, 2009

Juanjo GUARNIDO did it !

I had a nice trip in the parisian suburb this morning to visit the famous Juanjo Guarnido in his astonishing studio where we shared an early coffee. Indeed, Juanjo told me yesterday he finished his contribution in the holy sketchbook.We usually organize
a meeting with the next artist but Sylvain Marc wasn't available yet. So I had to go ;-) but believe me, it was a great pleasure. Discovering the Juanjo's part was a big shock (Viva Espana). J.Guarnido put the level very high and created a super beautiful watercolour. He said he had a lot of fun by doing his painting and you believe him when you see the result. His piece is sexy, full of humor and winks and I have no doubt you will love it when you will discover the book in bookstores as soon as this adventure ends. As I mentioned in a previous post, I can't unfortunately show contributions anymore for editorial reasons (but only the extract above ;-). Don't worry, the trip goes on ! Meetings too and Art shines !
I can't thank Mr Guarnido enough for being so involved in this charity project and unique editorial challenge. I also thank Pierre Alary
a lot. Pierre was the connection with Juanjo Guarnido and without him, having Guarnido in the sketchbook would have been impossible. Pierre also introduced me to Enrique Fernandez a few years ago. We owe you a lot Pierre.
J.Guarnido showed me the brand new page of upcoming Blacksad new adventure he is currently working on. The work I saw is truely impressive and charming. Juanjo showed me some pieces of his personal museum and I discovered the collector behind the artist. For security reasons I can't tell you what kind of masterpieces I have seen but you can visit to get an idea ;-) It was a fabulous morning, a very inspiring one. Mr Juanjo Guarnido, muchas gracias !
Next Artist are Sylvain Marc and Veronique Joffre.