Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sketchtravel in Switzerland !

Where is the Sketchbook right now ? Well, Mister Quentin Blake gave it to upcoming contributor Sylvain Marc...But unfortunately Sylvain had no time enough to bring his part because we had to bring the Sketchbook quickly to John Howe (matching schedules is our hard challenge, we play "tetris" everyday). Don't worry, the Sketchbook will be back in England so Sylvain can draw in it. Honoring our rules and tradition, another artist : Gregoire Villermaux, who recently added his art in the Sketchbook got back the precious book so he could bring it to John Howe in Neufchatel, Switzerland. Canadian people can also be proud since John Howe was born in Vancouver.
Artist Gregoire Villermaux will report his meeting in the following hours.
Director Catherine Bonvalot, who is chasing all Artists for the documentary was there.
I can't wait to see what John Howe is going to create !
Many thanks to Jean-Jacques and Diane Launier from Arludik Gallery for the connection.