Monday, January 07, 2008

Hello dear artists and Sketchtravel fans,

Thank you Gérald and Dice for this warm introduction.

I’m Catherine Bonvalot, I will produce Sketchtravel Story with Eskil Roekke. We are both very excited by the Sketchtravel project, it's such great story to tell. The documentary should be a series of 6 episodes of about 25mn each, shot in HD, aimed at being broadcasted on TV channels.

Our plan is to trail the Sketchtravel sketchbook half-way through its trip, and follow the adventure till the final sketch. We would like to meet all the artists, and ask them to reflect on their experience. We will also interview some artists while they draw their sketch; watch their meticulous process in their workshop. Our aim is to capture the artist's own universe, understand his contribution to the project and make the audience discover the world of illustration. We'll witness the human adventure of Sketchtravel, where famous and unknown artists meet, all treated equally and all inhabited by the same goal.

Eskil and I will travel with a sound engineer, in each location where a Sketchtravel artist lives. Each interview will last half a day to a day. Ideally, the interviews will happen in the artist's workplace/workshop. We will also organise group interviews in some cities. Of course, we’ll organise our trips and interviews schedule based on the artists’ availabilities.

So, dear artists, I will be in contact with you in 2008 first months. I will send a customised questionnaire to each of you, and we will work together on your interview beforehand (probably by email for most of you). No worry, we will keep it casual.

Eskil and I can’t wait to start filming. We’re currently searching for funding and contacting broadcasters. More news soon!

Catherine Bonvalot