Saturday, December 22, 2007

James Jean's dark vision for Sketchtravel

People who often visit Sketchtravel's website and this blog have noticed we did not show any new drawing or painting done in the Sketchbook for a while. Well, that is part of this experience. We do not rush artists. A metronome would be boring. There is an asynchronous rythm in this unexpectable adventure and we are as surprised as you are.
After Scott Campbell, James Jean is the new illustrator invited to participate and he has just sent us is unique contribution (Remember this quick video of Dice bringing the case to him in LA, posted recently). We are very honored he is part of Sketchtravel. The list of James Jean 's client and awards are very impressive (Gold Medal Society of Illustrators LA 2001, Eisner Award Best Cover Artist 2004 - 2006, Harvey Award Best Cover Artist 2005, 2006, American Illustration 22, 23, 25, Society of Illustrators 45, 46, 47, Spectrum 12, 13.). I highly recommand you to buy his last book "Process recess" where you will find unique strange and surrealist visions mixing dreams and nightmares. Sketchtravel is definitely a very ecclectic sketchbook, full of opposite imaginations boned up from very different places in the world.
This is christmas season and many illustrators smother us with santa claus and glitter colors...James Jean doesn't rig. Making a total change with early atmospheres, James Jean offers us one of his darker vision linked to his current mood. A gory scene, mix of double-jointed bones remind us our weakness, wasted bodies question us , sexuality plays with cannibalism, our eyes read his fluid drawing with a blend of fascination and rejection. Whatever is your feeling by discovering it, you cannot be indifferent to his organic drawing. The soul of Jerôme Bosch and Salvador Dali are in the air. Thank you for being part of the challenge Mr James Jean.