Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Carlos Nine-Updated news

Waiting for his part in the sketchbook in 2008, some news about the great Carlos Nine :

* Two new books will be shown at Angouleme Comic Festival, France,
january 23.
"Siboney" (Fantagas 2) edited by Les Reveurs, Paris, France.
"Hommage a l'arriére-cour", (Carlos Nine), sketchbook edited by
Rackham, Paris, France

* Exhibition. Almost 100 original works belonging to "Siboney", and
"Hommage a l'arriére-cour" will be shown at
Galerie Daniel Maghen, Quai des Grands Augustins, Paris, from
february 1st.

* New Images.
Paintings: 8 new images.
Illustration: 10 new images (one of them, American Illustration
Association poster).
Metro murals: 10 new images.
Coloured reliefs: 13 new images.
Books: Siboney pages