Monday, December 31, 2007


Dear Artists,
Seasons greetings to all you Sketchtravelers!

We wish you all the happiest holidays and you will find in the attachment the official SKETCHTRAVEL greeting card created by upcoming SKETCHTRAVEL artist from France : Sylvain MARC, (currently character designer at Cartoon Network, London.)

We would like to sincerely thank you for your involvment in the Sketchtravel project.
2007 has been terrific and went beyond our expectations. Without your support, your creative energy, your gusto and bounty, nothing would have been possible.

This year, the sketchbook started in Japan and went to New York, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
The book took 6 planes, 14 buses, 15 subways, 17 cabs to meet all of you.

Our 2007 checkup is very promising.
30 000 visitors on the official website . 22 007 viewings of the "SKETCHTRAVEL animated trailer" on YouTube and Dailymotion.
We also have been supported by many medias : Radio : "Europe 1", in Press : the famous french art review : "L'Oeil" , Floriane BERTEZ from Annecy festival team, Online : the famous, and, ,,, and Catsuka to name a few.

The Sketchbook's journey far from its finish.
Expected upcoming destinations : a few other big artists in Los Angeles, Bogota (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), New-York (2nd round), Tokyo (2nd round), Paris (2nd round), Lille (France), Oslo (Norway), Brussel (Belgium), Neufchatel (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain) and London (UK).

As most of you might have followed our website, in 2007 we have had 16 new original art created for the book.
The quality of art is getting incredibly sophisticated and we urge you to check our web gallery if you haven't seen them.

We sincerely thank all the participating artists who found this project with no financial potential exciting enough to engrave their soul and heart onto it.

Sketchtravel is also an independant operation with no funding at all but just voluntary work. To make this operation possible, we had many many help from the various talents from various fields.
Many thanks to photographer Stéphanie SAUCEZ , graphist David PANZO, upcoming artist Grégoire VILLERMAUX and Pierre ALARY who promote the project seriously during festival like Angoulême and Comic con.
Lots of thanks to Maud REMY Redha ZAIM, Marie ZIDI, Geri MONTES, Tom GRES and Lionel PAYET for their contribution to the one of the kind Sketchtravel animated trailer.
Thanks to international Lawyer T.IONEWSKI who help and advice us for free.
Thanks to Valérie Jarry and Elise Berolatti for their connections and advices.
Our promotion is totally based on word of mouth and internet buzz.
I want to thank our provider Benjamin DESMET for his strong advices with internet strategy and professional technical support.
Daniel LOPEZ MUNOZ for the beautiful wooden case he nicely designed and built to protect the Sketchbook and transforming it into a treasure chest.
Gerald Guerlais's beloved wife Sophie who daily takes care of the website she designed.
Gallery Arludik: Diane and Jean-Jacques LAUNIER from Arludik who welcome Artists so well, motivated Jeanne ROBILLARD, anonymous Blogger and Google specialists.

New partners :Filmmakers Catherine BONVALOT (France) and Eskil ROEKKE (Norway) will make an exciting announcement to you the first big surprise of the Year 2008 of SKETCHTRAVEL in a few days by e-mail. Stay tooned !

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank you all for making this incredible project possible.
And be ready, there will be plenty of Sketchtravel actions coming in 2008!

Happy new year!

Gerald Guerlais & Dice Tsutsumi