Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Rendez-vous over the Globe.

It's summer time and many artists take some vacations. Ronnie del Carmen will travel in Italy and France, Enrico Casarosa in Italy and Greece, etc...I also will be on vacation on the french west coast without any computer around from 14th to 28th of July and this is why I won't be able to post articles during this short period.But the Sketchbook will keep moving. You also have great "rendez-vous" before the end of the month and in August too. You will find many "Sketchtravelers" artists at the famous San Diego Comic-con and there will be big surprises in there. If you can go there, don't miss it. Our incontrovertible french genius Pierre Alary will be there. Claude William Trebutien will be at Siggraph, promoting his work. Did you know he is currently looking for a new position ?
Peter de Sève is the special guest star at the Sollies Festival in the south of France (24, 25, 26 of August). John Howe has a special exhibition at Saint-Ursanne until the 2nd of september and you can find all infos here A special thank to Daisuke Dice Tsutsumi who recently started his new amazing job at Pixar. Despite his demanding pixarian 's schedule Dice keeps taking care of the holy Sketchbook.
As you can imagine, this unique artistic experience requires many attention and Dice rules everything perfectly, contacting all artists in America, following each steps, day after day. He controls the relay race with a remarquable professionalism and already deserves his gold medal. Thank you so much Dice ! You rock Maestro !