Sunday, July 29, 2007


I haven't posted any news for a long time. Sorry about that, I was in vacations in the middle of nowhere without internet connections (yes, there is still places in the world where Internet is not available, too bad). Our incontrovertible Master "Dice" has sent me a copy from the double page drawn by a new incredible artist I haven't mentioned yet in the holy list : Jerome OPENA. You can see the masterpiece in this post and you will find soon it in the virtual sketchbook online among others, just after the one by the Great Ronnie Del Carmen. Jerome is the first artist of the Sketchbook who explore a darker zone. Jerome OPENA doesn't promote his work online yet and is very rare. Getting him in the Sketchbook is really a good fortune.
The work of OPENA is already acclaimed by the comic and animation community.His albums : "Star wars Tales", "Fear Agent" and "Lone" are best-sellers in american comics.
I am certainly not the only one person fascinated by his ability to catch movements. Am I ? Thank you very much for your contribution to Sketchtravel Jerome !