Thursday, June 14, 2007

Relay Stations

We rarely mention the aware community who carefully talk about Sketchtravel online through efficient, cultured and open-minded website.I am personaly a huge fan and slavish reader of . The famous Johnny (contributor) posted a nice news about our trailer and challenge. In France, the incontrovertible updates news about Sketchtravel daily and too. The upcoming sketchtraveller Basilus/Sylvain Marc posted the trailer on his blog and so did many other graphists and href="">illustrators like Elodie Coudray (which is very fair play since we can't welcome everybody in the sketchbook because the list is full) I don't know if there's other relay stations worldwide but feel free to tell me. Thank you guys for helping us with promotion. More we can get attention, more we can promote the "illustration" as an important Art, our "Artists", and our community.