Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New genious joining SKETCHTRAVEL challenge

Guess who is the next feature great artist joining Sketchtravel ? He is the 36th huge talent on the list (36/50), He is french. He won so many prizes I can write it all. He is the man behind acclaimed comics such as "Foligatto","Leon la Came","Prosopopus", "Le Bibendum Céleste"and many others. He has not official website but his work invaded the web. He influenced many artists.He is currently member of the Jury at the Annecy Festival (student films). He is also currently working on his own short movie at studio 4C (Japan) We can thank his talented pal Dominique Bertail (already selected for Sketchtravel) for the connection. We had the chance to meet him for reel a few months ago. I am really proud to announce our national treasure NICOLAS DE CRECY will bring soon his part in the Holy Sketchbook !!! (photography by courtesy of Beauregard/