Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flying Sketchers

As you can see on this very funny picture, they keep having a lot of fun at Pixar studios. If we keep going this way, we will have to print a special book devoted to the pictures taken by artists (hey ? why not ?). Lou Romano gave the sketchbook (I should say the holy case made by Daniel Lopez Munoz with the sketchbook inside) to Enrico Casarosa. Enrico is not only one of the best story-boarders in animation industry but a productive comic author and the federative/sketcher behind You also can find his work in the "Art of Ratatouille" and the beautiful "Three trees make a forest" he shares with Japanese Tadahiro Uesugi and his buddy and colleague Ronnie Del Carmen. Enrico also contributed and organized with Ronnie the recent auction for Emergency-Usa. I don't know when Enrico has time enough to sleep, he can't stop drawing.