Thursday, May 31, 2007

Enrico Casarosa !

How to suggest an original masterpiece in the Sketchtravel sketchbook when you are the 17th artists steping in it ? Well, that kind of challenge seems very easy to take up with when your are Enrico Casarosa. The italian artist, currently story-boarder at Pixar, offers us the first comic strip of the sketchbook with his unique sense of humor cemented with his subtle watercolor touch. Very very funny and efficient ! he is a story-teller ! I invit you to discover Enrico's universe if you don't know him yet. "Mia", "Il giornale", "Fragments", "Sketchcrawl", "3 trees make a forest", etc. I already said it, Enrico can't stop drawing and he's right ! Thank you for your huge involvement Enrico ! (By the way, did you know that, in the ratatouille trailer, the last gag in the trailer, the one with the bike guy falling on the car, has been brought by Enrico ?)
His comic/page is also available in the virtual sketchbook on