Thursday, December 07, 2006

Robert Mackenzie has his own blog !

Robert Mackenzie is not only giant by nature but because of his incredible sensitivity and his huge talent. I already told you a few weeks ago he will draw soon in the sketchbook but he deserves, like many artists from the Out Of Picture collective a special article in this blog. He just launched a few days ago his own blog where he gives us his artistic secrets,generously shows his paintings and shares his process. I had recenly the privilege to see him drawing and painting in the streets of Paris and I was very impressed by his ability to express his art so easily, quietly. Like his good friend Dice Tsutsumi, he is a sketchbook addicted. I just add this sketch from his first comic you can read in the Out of Picture bookto my comment but you will find many more treasures on his blog
Because he just can get enough, he is a swimming champion.
He currently lives in New-York and works at Bluesky Studios