Friday, December 08, 2006

Michael Knapp Knocks !

Michael Knapp is one of the most phlegmatic illustrator I have ever met. Always cool whatever the circumstances, he keeps the control. But I am pretty sure there is an abide creative magma under his pepper-and-salt head of hair, catching all points. As usual with very talented artists he just can't get enough with being a great illustrator and finds time enough in hiscrazy schedule to be a very good webdesigner ( and a musician (voicel and guitar) with his own band and an Apple addicted and specialist, disciple of Steve Jobs . His style is very recognizable : with legible forms, strong and elegant strokes and shapes, very good sense of design , warm color palette and a unique way to draw noses and eyes. His own website hasn't been updated for a while but is still full of treasures and you can be sure we'll keep you inform as soon as he updates it. Till then, enjoy his rare illustration below (from "Robots") You can find his work in" the Art of Robots" book and the comic book "Out of Picture". Mike is the artistic director of "No times for nuts "available on the Ice Age 2 dvd. He will draw soon in the sketchbook and if you think he's only a "digital" artist, believe me, I saw his personal sketchbook, you're wrong !