Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vincent Nguyen has just brought the Sketchbook in Japan to Katsuya Terada.

Here is one of the most surrealistic picture ever done during the Sketchtravel's trip. And I am not talking only about seeing Vincent Nguyen with a tie.
If you follow this adventure well, previous contributor was Mike Lee. Mike gaves the sketchbook to Vincent Nguyen, who already brought his astonishing contribution several months ago.  As you may know, when we have to bring the sketchbook from a country to another, we can count on many artists involved in the project. Vincent Nguyen is one of those awesome artists you can trust. Vince brought the Sketchbook in Japan to great Artist Katsuya Terada during...Dice's wedding !! Can you believe this ?
Congrats to Mrs and Mr Tsutsumi ! And have the happiest honey moon ever !