Sunday, April 15, 2007

Daniel Lopez Munoz (part 4) THE CASE.

And you think that's all ? to say that ? People might think I am hysterical. The thing is, since we have launched this project, I daily go from a big surprise to another. All artists are so involved, that's impressive. Following the adventure of this Sketchbook is more and more unbelievable each day. But today, we make a serious bound with Daniel 's implication...Daniel has BUILT with his own hands the most beautiful CASE ever. Made from red Oak and solid brass hardware. The front of the box, engraved with the logo, is made from antique Oak. Circa 1920's. The interior is lined with protective black felt material.The case also has a brass handle for easy carriage...As an accomplished woodsman (not a sunday handyman) and designer he even has drawn a plan before building it. Plus, Daniel placed protective vellum between pages ! Personaly, I don't only considering him as a Great Artist, but also an impressive perfectionist, a high level professional, in a word a VIRTUOSO. The Sketchbook of "SKETCHTRAVEL" was a jewel, by adding his remarquable Dan's Touch with both his amazing painting and this incredible case, he turned it into a Treasure.
Thank you so much Daniel. We owe you a lot. What about coming home for the Ratatouille premiere in PAris this summer ? (act of kindness by John L is welcome ;-)