Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nicole Poole and Vincent Guiot.

As you may know, we have recently updated the 1st Sketchtravel's clip with a great english version and a new sound design. The french version stays the same. It was possible thank to the great generosity of two amazing Artists : Nicole Poole and Vincent Guyot.

Nicole Poole is a voiceover artist and actress based in New York City.  Serving as the voice for countless U.S. advertising campaigns, Nicole is also an award-winning narrator for audiobooks.  A former member of England’s Royal Shakespeare Company, Nicole now combines her love of theatrical and musical performance through Soundpainting, a groundbreaking compositional sign language developed by Walter Thompson.  She performs regularly with the world-renowned Walter Thompson Orchestra and Parisian orchestras Anitya and SPOUMJ. Nicole has worked for 15 years to develop the language's use for theater, and is one of the world's experts in her field. She is currently producing a multidisciplinary project based on the works of the late Mike Zwerin, “The Parisian Jazz Chronicles,” to be performed in Paris in 2012.  She is honored to be a part of the Sketchtravel project.
Visit her website :
A special thank to Mike Defeo (famous american sculptor) who keeps supporting Sketchtravel since the beginning with a great gusto and who very nicely introduced me to Nicole. I personaly love Nicole's voice. And she already inspired me a detective novel....

Borned in december 1990, Vincent GUIOT started to play classical guitar at 7. He immediately wrote his frist melodies thanks to his music teacher. Always exploring new sounds, his way naturally goes to sound design and musical creation.
Graduates in sound and broadcast ingeneering technologies degree in 2010, he is now studiing classicial composition, jazz and rythm in different conservatories in Paris and musicology. Keep an eye on this young blood and remember his name.
Visit his blog :
A special thank to Céline Gobinet (incontrovertible french story-boarder) who used to introduce me to Eric Gosselet (Aka "Mister Egg", Sketchtravel's contributor) a few years ago and who nicely introduced to Vincent Guiot. You know it : Sketchtravel is a net.

Oh by the way, it is Nicole on the picture, not Vincent.