Saturday, November 06, 2010

Le Uyen Pham and Alex Puvilland

Sketchtravel is fortunate to get super talented couple Le Uyen Pham and Alex Pucilland to participate recently. Many people who worked in the beginning years of Dreamworks, know the ridiculous talents these two showcased back in the days.

Alex still works at Dreamworks as a visual development artist and Le Uyen has become one of the top children's illustrators Today.

Despite the busy schedule of theirs, including taking care of their two beautiful sons, Leo and Adrien, they contributed for this project with such beauuuuutiful pieces. Wow! They are soo good that I have to share a bit of them!! (again, we don't wanna spoil your experience when the book comes out!)

This is one talented family. Leo and Adrien both were eager to put their finger print on the sketchbook! Thank you Uyen and Alex!