Friday, November 26, 2010

CTN, part 1.

Eli Harris (1) Enrico Casarosa (2)Aurelien Predal (3) Andrea Blasich (4) Nicolas Marlet (5) Benoit Lepennec (6) Lorelay Bove (7) Gregoire Villermaux (8) Peter de Seve (9) Ronnie Del Carmen (10)
Dice Tsutsumi (11) Gerald Guerlais (12) Tadahiro Uesugi (13) Jean-Louis Vandestoc (14)
NB : Jean-Louis Vandestoc is not in the Sketchtravel's book but is part of the Sketchtravel's team (he will soon animate a special clip we will show at the Auction at bid).

Sketchtravel team just returned from Burbank, California where the CTN animation Expo took place. We had the pleasure to see and review a large proportion of Sketchtravel's participants
and also other artists who deserved their place in the book.
I want to thank the guest speakers: Dice, Charles Solomon, Lorelay Bove
Peter de Seve, Ronnie Del Carmen and Chris Appelhans for their testimony at our joint conferences.
special thanks to JR Perrin, who recently joined the adventure and who is an undeniable production manager.
Thank you to all the early birds who had the courage to join us at 9:30 am for the conference last Sunday. I wish we had more time. I hope the extra time in the Q & A room allowed to answer all questions.
Many artists ask me if the CTN is the equivalent of Annecy festival. Comparison is difficult: the CTN is only two years old when Annecy is 50... I encourage their team to listen to the participating artists so CTN team can improving their organization.
This Californian Tour is an important point for Sketchtravel 's adventure because it brought together for the second time (the first being the Totoro Forest Project) the maximum Sketchtravel participants. Thus, Japanese, French and American artists were able to share all their passion for drawing and animation (and the wine ...) Another important point, not least, the incredibly generous hospitality in the studios of Disney (Thanks Lorelay, Claire and Glen), Sony pictures Animation (Thanks Luc) and Dreamworks where we have even been warmly invited by Kim Mackey and Christopher Lautrette to reiterate our lecture to the luminaries of the art department.

The picture has been taken last saturday evening. Actually we met more Sketchtravel's artists in LA but they weren't available this evening : Dominique Louis, Erik Tiemens, Daniel Lopez Munoz, Carter Goodrich, Chris Appelhans, Robert Kondo.

I'm going to divide this californian story into several sections because this trip is rich in emotion and meetings.