Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lorelay Bove's interview

-How did you get the sketch book ?

Paul Felix art director from Disney handed it to me.

-What do you think about this collective project?
Is very exciting to see all these wonderful artists collaborate on a book, is really wonderful going through the book, is very inspiring.

-Who did you give you the scketchbook and whom did you give it then?
I got the sketchbook from Paul Felix and I handed it to Glen Keane so I was sandwiched by two masters

-What technique did you use?
Gouache, it was scary to start because there was art behind my page and to the right side...very scary

-Did you have already and idea of what you would draw in it?
I wanted to have like a 50's inspired postcard from Los Angeles

-Who(in the contributors) would you like to work with in the future?
That's a tough one!!! There were so many good ones!!! I can't choose!

-What are your news (signatures, upcoming books, movie or else)?
I'm working on the Next 3d film at disney but can't announce yet :( But I worked a bit on Visual development for Tangled and Winnie the Pooh And personal projects on the side that always feel eternal to get done!

Thanks for letting me contribute Sketchtravel!

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