Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mike Lee/Interview !

Hello Mike, How did you get the sketch book?

There was a bit of a mixup in the beginning.  I first received the book from Vincent Nguyen, but they knew I take many grueling hours with my pieces so we figured Peter Nguyen should work his inking magic first.

-What do you think about this collective project?

There are so many inspiring and positive ideas encapsulated between the red bindings.  To me, the most appealing thing about this project is that we all in part have given a moment of our lives to create this time capsule.  Each image able to reflect who we were as artists and how much of ourselves we chose or were able to give.

-Who gave you the sketchbook and whom did you give it then?

I received the book from Peter Nguyen and I gave it to Vince who then handed it off to Katsuya Terada in Japan.

-What technique did you use?

I use TomBow Mono Graphite Pencils: 5H - 6B.  But the 2 most crucial tools are my kneeded erasers and my favorite, the all powerful Sakura Electric Eraser. (it does wonders)

-Did you have already and idea of what you would draw in it?

To be quite frank I was scared out of my wits, but after bringing it home and seeing all the breathtaking drawings and paintings ideas just started to flow.

-Who(in the contributors) would you like to work with in the future?

I've had the greatest privilege of working with several of the the artists already over at Blue Sky.  Unfortunately when I first started Dice Tsutsumi had just left for Pixar so I never got a chance to work with him.  His sensitivity to light, composition, color, and value is something i've looked up to for quite a while.  Hopefully someday I'll have the chance to work and learn from him.

-What are your news (signatures, upcoming books, movie or else)?

I recently finished working on the third saga of "Ice Age."  On the side I'm working with Gerald Guerlais and many other fantastic artists for the next Rendezvous book as well as some personal projects.

Thank you again SketchTravel!!