Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sketchtravel Artist Interview : Sylvain Marc.

Today, Sylvain MARC

-How did you get the Sketchbook ?

 I came across the project by chance, surfing on the web at the very beginning of it. I immediatly thought "Woah, what a great project! I want to be part of it!"
Reading through the details more closely, the artists list seemed to be already closed. I still sent an email to this mister "Guerlais" (who I didn't know at the time) expressing my enthusiasm and that I would be interested if there was an other book planned after this one. Few minutes later, I was really surprised to get an answer from him, saying that I was planned in the list and he was about to contact me! I remember this precise moment really lively, since it really made my day!

-What do you think about this collective project ?
It's unique and it's a great symbol. Artists in general have a natural tendancy for individualism and autism..A project uniting all of them is then really healthy.
When you have this red book in your hands, knowing where it was, it which studios, which hands, which amazing artists had it on their desks, the feeling is very strong. To be part of it is very strong.
The final goal as well, the money that will be raised will be given to a charity association, it's a noble goal. Every artist gave a bit of is time to make this project exist.
Some artists already could meet as a result of this project, but I hope there will be more and that one day, we ALL could meet!
In these times of virtual social networks, it's a pretty strong symbol.

-Who did you discover thanks to this project ?
Quite a lot, like scott campbell, Yuko shimizu, Yoko tanji...

-Who gave you the sketchbook and who did you give it to then ?
Véro and I got it from Gérald, around a delicious meal made by his wife Sophie, and we gave him back in a parisian train station, for practical and schedule reasons. But at one point, I was very lucky to go get the sketchbook directly from Quentin Blake, in his London studio, which was a really unique experience (detailed earlier on this blog)

-What did you think about when you had the sketchbook in the hands ?

Oops, what's now? A lot of pressure of course, but soon, I was eager to finally do it and have fun with it!

-What technic did you use ?

A mixed technique of pencil, watercolor and acrylic. It was nice to do a real painting, since I get to do a lot of digital at work now. As a bonus, I also did a stop motion step by step video for fun, But I guess I'll show it once the project is finished...

-Did you have already an idea of what you would draw in it ?
Not really...since we were two artists part of the project to live under the same roof, we thought of a way to make obvious this particularity, and to play with the possibility to work together, even if we had a double page each. We thought about it once the sketchbook was in our hands, few days before doing it. Indeed, we found a little something we couldn't have done one without the'll see!

-Which contribution does impact you the most ?
Among those already shown on the blog:
The one from Quentin Blake, because I discovered it first in his studio, and it has to do a lot with my childhood too, his books...And it's just one of these masterpieces: simple, direct, clear just with few lines. The mastership of a life...
 Michael Knapp's one for the ambiance, and its composition
Enrico casarosa's one, because it's funny, fresh and relaxed
Robert Valley, impressive
Scott campbell, fresh and playfull...
I also really like the page shared between my friends Aurélien Prédal et Maylis Vallade, where there is a nice dialog.

-Who (in the contributors) would you like to work with in the future ?
All of them! It would be hard to choose...But more immediatly, I'd like to do an animated project with my partner Véronique Joffre, because it's been a while that I'd like to see her graphic style moving and mixing to mine that way. I'd like it to be something just for the sake of art, for us, for the pleasure to do it, without any constraints.

-What are you currently working on ?(signatures, upcoming books, movie or else) ?

Right now, I'm develloping my own project for Cartoon Network in London, I'm directing a mini-pilot, hoping that it will go forward.
I'm also a free-lance illustrator and comic artist, I have a series of kids books in stand by in England, five books are scheduled, and some comics projects for french magazines, if I have the time.

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