Monday, August 10, 2009

Peter de Sève has the Sketchbook !!

After the creative and efficient Artist : Greg Couch, Peter de Sève is the current incredible contributor to the Sketchtravel's sketchbook. As you can see, the rythm of contribution is tight. Artists are very motivated and inspired by this unique sketchbook, receptacle of the most talented illustrators, painters and drawers ever.

Do you want to know more about legendary Peter de Sève ?
Peter de Sève is one of America’s foremost contemporary American illustrators. Beginning his career as an editorial illustrator in the early eighties, de Sève has gone on to create artwork that has graced the covers and interiors of countless major publications, books, and posters. He has also played an influential role in the design of numerous animated feature films, including the blockbuster Ice Age series. The imagery that springs from his pen marries colorful personalities with expert storytelling, and wild flights of imagination with a masterly drawing technique that harkens back to a bygone era of impeccable draftsmanship and craft.

And if, like me, you are a big fan, next october will be Christmas in advance with THIS incontrovertible book by french publisher Akileos associated with Arludik.

If you want to see New-Yorker's cover by Peter de Sève, visit this website and use the "research section".

Feel free to use this blog to support Artists or commenting their work. All Artists contributing to the Sketchtravel's sketchbook read this blog, following like us, the adventures of this surprising traveler.