Monday, August 10, 2009

"FEEDBACK" Anyone ?

How to make the Sketchtravel project better ? We constantly re-invent (in our mind)
the way to promote this event, this book, how to federate the illustration/animation community, how to feed the audience. But I might be wrong about so many things that I need your pertinent feedback.
What do you expect from Sketchtravel ? What do you want to see in the final book ? What do you think about this project ? What would you suggest to make this
sketchbook more and more original ? As a brand new follower, a constant reader, whoever you are, I invit you to express your point of view on this blog of on facebook Sketchtravel page, or even on twitter.
If you are too shy, feel free to write to
We will listen carefully and we will answer to everybody, we promise :-)
Indeed, this sketchbook is shared by more than 60 worldwide artists, but as soon as it will be published. It will be yours !
Just Ask, and we will work to make it possible.

To You.