Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sylvain Marc and Verossignol did it (and not only on the sofa...)

Sylvain Marc and his girlfriend Verossignol brought their tremendous part in the Sketchtravel's sketchbook. For editorial secret reasons, I can't show the astonishing result of their Art but I can tell you it's a-ma-zing, full of creativity, with a reel sense of sharing and mixing their styles with humor and elegance.
Sylvain is still at Cartoonetwork London, working on his own project while Verossignol keeps working on several children books and will be part of Nucleus Gallery August exhibition. If you are in LA this summer, don't miss her masterpieces.
We are very proud to get Sylvain and Vero on board and I can tell you their pages are absolutely terrific.

So, this part of the adventure in Europe is now finished. Next station : New-York city for a 2nd round in the hands of the greatest character designer ever : Peter de Sève. Then Artist Greg Couch (Children book artist, member of Out of Picture, Bluesky fame) and more to come ! Stay tuned ! Keep reading this blog during summer and subscribe to our Facebook club and register to our mailing-list to know more ! (more infos on

A special big thank to Diane and JJ Launier from Arludik Gallery. Indeed, their are the Sketchtravel Ambassadors bringing the Sketchtravel's case in the USA.