Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sketchtravel in Lacoste, south of France.

The Sketchtravel's case had some rest in one of the most beautiful village of France : Lacoste, a few kilometers from the city of Avignon, France.
Precisely at Daniel Adel's place. Could you dream for a better place for your own studio ?
Daniel is from USA but had the very good idea to fall in love with a french woman. So he moved to our lovely country.
Despite the obvious fact the locus is attractive, any Artists of Sketchtravel could unfortunately move there to get back the famous sketchbook on time.
Hopefully, two remarquable women : Nathalie Saint-Oyen and Caroline Charles from creative studio : "La Dent du Chat" (located in Paris and Avignon) launched a special operation (Welldone Girls !). Artist Daniel Adel had to fight hard against the two determined girls. Caroline brought back the Sketchbook late at night in Paris.
That experience is the proof the artistic community can federate itself to make such a project possible. If you feel like helping Sketchtavel operation, please, tell us, we are very open-minded to
crazy ideas.
The Daniel Adel's contribution is kept secret. Indeed, if we show you everything from this astonishing sketchbook, where are the surprises ;-)
Daniel, thank you very much for being part of this adventure.
Next Artists is the incontrovertible Nicolas de Crecy !
Waiting for this event, please, have a look on "La Dent du Chat" website (fashion for kids is their business) and Daniel Adel's website.