Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Dear Sketchtravel Artists,

Hope your 2008 was a splendid one!
In 2008, we also were heavily involved with industry phenomena Totoro Forest Project which many of you generously participated. The spirit of artists united to "give" is what's in the core of Sketchtravel as well.

The book mileage was quite slow in the beginning of the year but it picked up its pace thanks to Gerald Guerlais after he took it back to Europe. We have as of now 34 pages filled!
Meanwhile, the official documentary production has started under the direction of Catherine Bonvalot.

In 2009, as we hope to finish up the whole book, we will keep the pace so the book doesn't get stuck in one place for a long time. Lots of excitement awaits!

We are so so grateful and excited that you are a part of this long journey.

Happy holidays

Dice Tsutsumi

Happy New Year 2009 to All !
The Sketchtravel's case and its Sketchbook will keep moving for a new year, probably the last one...ok...almost.

We wanted to thank again 2008's incredible 2008 contributors : Yuko Shimizu, David Gordon, Bill Plympton, Dominique Bertail, Pierre Alary, Gregoire Villermaux, Quentin Blake and John Howe (who did his contribution yesterday !).
All together , we are creating a unique book which federates our worldwide community and also revitalizes editorial lines and charity business. Our book is one of the most expected iIlustrations Book of the World!

Thanks to energetic Director Catherine Bonvalot's high involvment and her faithful crew, Sketchtravel made a big bounce this year. Sketchtravel moved faster and her documentary will be the witness of this tremendous journey.
With his astonishing Totoro Project and the fabulous party at Pixar Studios, Co-founder Daisuke Tsutsumi proved our community was able to assemble for a great green cause.

Your 2009 Sketchtravel Greetings Card has been created by French Illustrator Veronique Joffre. Feel free to use it to promote our common operation.
Thank you so much for making this crazy dream possible.

Happy Holidays !

Gerald Guerlais