Saturday, November 08, 2008

A precious moment with Quentin Blake

Hello everybody,
I'm sylvain Marc, and I'm lucky enough to be part in the Sketchtravel adventure.
And I was even luckier to live a dream as an illustrator and as a kid I was...
I had the huge honnor to meet master Quentin Blake in his London studio, to get the Sketchtravel from him.

Words are weak to describe this very unique experience. The frustration afterwards not to take more advantage of that kind of rare moments, the feeling of beeing so small under the bookshelf packed with more than 340 books.

Beeing in his studio, where he created his books for the last 30 years was mesmerizing and magical, and I couldn't help thinking of the number of kids who grew up with Quentin's books, as I did...
He's very famous in France, his books fill the school libraries. He told me he was even more famous in France than in UK, and his books usually come out first with his French publisher.

So, as you can imagine, I was really impressed, and I will remember this for a long time, and that the kind of thing that make you think a lot about your own work.

Catherine was in charge of the interview and Ben filmed and took the pictures. They are so involved in the project.

And I would like to take the opportunity here to thank Gérald and Dice for creating this project and give that kind of possibility to the artists involved. A big thank you guys!