Sunday, October 05, 2008


We try to make our website and production pipeline more and more efficient at Sketchtravel. While it is possible to be informed about each updated post thank to RSS on this blog with blogger, You now can subscribe to our UNIQUE newsletter and be informed when the Sketchtravel Book is released!
Just click HERE on the official website and add your e-mail adress. You won't be the victim of any kind of weird annoying spams. Our system is very professional and protected. You will receive only ONE special clean e-mail as soon as the holy Sketchbook is printed.
Special Thank to Benjamin Desmet and Bruno Tomalak for their help.

Vous pouvez désormais vous inscrire à l'UNIQUE newsletter de Sketchtravel en cliquant ICI. Vous serez ainsi automatiquement informé de la disponibilité du carnet SKETCHTRAVEL en librairie. Ne craigniez aucune espèce de spams ou de nuisances comme on en rencontre trop souvent, nous y veillons attentivement.