Friday, September 12, 2008

Sketchtraveling @ Pixar

I am still trying to recover from the Totoro Forest Project auction which took place at Pixar Studio Emeryville last saturday.
I met my heroes there and many brilliant "Sketchtravelers" I congratulated at last in person : Alexandra Boiger, Andrea Blasich (who had his first day at Pixar
last monday) Daniel Lopez Munoz (who is currently artistic directing upcoming Pixar's "UP"), Enrico Casarosa, Ronnie Del Carmen (The "UP" man)
God Peter de Sève, Vincent NGuyen , Greg Couch, Super Nash Dunnigan (hey Girls ! he is single again !) Mike Knapp, Yoko Tanji, Lou Romano (I had the feeling to talk to Linguini !)

I also met again my friend Mike Defeo and Heather Sheperd, Peter NGuyen, Guillermo Real, Tony Maki (liked your hat man)
, Mike Lee, Simon Varela who teached me nicely his process, Ben Butcher (he tried to convince me he was not a member of ZZ top) and his wife, Mike Dutton, Natsusaka Shin-ichiro, Todd Bright, Bill Presing, Nate Wragg, Ralph Eggleston, Luc Desmarchelier (A french, at last !) and animator Everett Downing.

And off course, last but not least : I was so happy to see the incontrovertible star of the year : my friend Daisuke Dice Tsutsumi, master of ceremony of this amazing project and partner in crime on Sketchtravel.
When Dice launchs an event, he brings all together 200 international artists and 200,000 dollars for charity.
Sketchtravel operation is in good hands.

And by the way, guess what I brought back from this awesome trip ? The most wanted sketchbook of the world !
Dominique Bertail, Nicolas de Crécy, Grégoire Villermaux, AAurelien Predal, Maïlys Vallade, Sylvain Marc Pierre Alary, John Howe and Enrique Fernandez are the upcoming artists in Europe ! (to name a few...) Keep on reading this blog to get news.