Thursday, August 07, 2008

Collectives Pact

Did you notice that Sketchtravel which is a 60 artists collective contains collectives or artists who are part of it ? The first one is definitely "Out of Picture" with his awesome book n°2 I do recommand highly. Some members of acclaimed "Flight" anthology also joined us like Chris Appelhans and recently Scott Campbell.We also have now the european collective "Rendez-Vous", a modest one with Claude William Trebutien which will be available soon. The most impressive collective is obviously "Totoro Project Forest"leaded by hyperactive Dice.
Being an artist doesn't mean being all alone in his studio, focusing on his own vision anymore. Some collectives are launched by artists from animation industry because they need to express their art in different ways while some others support charity associations. May be Artists from animation and illustrations industry should join their forces with music bands in order to give charity projects another resonance. But let's take up with a challenge one by one ;-)