Sunday, June 29, 2008

Report from Annecy 2008

My planning is so insane thoses days I haven't time enough until now to report the great time we had at Annecy during the festival. I would like to thank you all people I met there and who support
Sketchtravel, backstages for months. Usually I only met supporters online and meeting guys who follow us for nearly two years was really encouraging. We will make everything possible to bring to you copies
of this astonishing sketchbook in stores as soon as possible. Thank you for being so patient.
Many people asked me where was Dice Tsutsumi at this time, hoping to meet him around. Dice is currently involved in several amazing projects and was not available : Toy Story 3, Out Of Picture (have your order the second book ?)
and upcoming "another crazy worldwide secret project" we will inform you about.
And guess what, I have found upcoming "Sketchtravelers" there : Greg Couch, Sylvain Marc, Aurelien Predal, Mailys Valade and the big star of this funny week : Bill Plympton who won the special prize for his film "Idiots and Angel".
I also met great artists like funny William Frake (a real performer able to suggest an idea per second) Karen Disher (talented story-boarder), Baptiste Lucas from Alphanim, Charlie Bean from cartoon network, Richard Pose from Flight, Bannister, Meatcalf, Mike Roush and many great artists I certainly forget to mention (forgive me guys).
Director Catherine Bonvalot shot scenes for the Sketchtravel's documentary with her partner in crime "Ben".
The Sketchtravel clip which was in competition in the advertising category didn't win (What could we do against "Sony Bravia" advertisement with the clay rabbits running in New-York ?) but we had many screenings
to promote our operation. Sketchtravel is long and demanding process. We had to match all contributors's planning constantly so each of them can bring his part with comfort.
Personal note : Enrico, please forgive me because I was so busy during this week at Annecy that I wasn't able to be part of the Sketchcrawl on thursday (bad boy, I know).
Stay tune. We keep on moving slowly but Sketchtravel keeps going well !