Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First 2008 contribution ! Yuko SHIMIZU

Sketchtravel is finally back with the first contribution of 2008. Indeed, matching schedules is difficult but part of this insane challenge : bringing you an unique sketchbook.
James Jean closed 2007.So here we are with one of the most creative sketch yet..Who would have thought of using the field vertically ? Well, Yuko SHIMIZU of course !
Beautiful simplicity and very contemporary style brought to you by acclaimed japanese artist : Yuko SHIMIZU, currently living on Manhattan island, New York City, New York.

As usual, I strongly invit you to visit her awesome and generous website. Thank you very much for your contribution Yuko. Who's next ? Tomer Hanuka !
(We will update the virtual sketchbook on www.sketchtravel.com in the following days).