Thursday, March 06, 2008

Daniel ADEL joins Sketchtravel !

I am very happy to announce officially that the famous Daniel ADEL joins the Sketchtravel collective experience.
Daniel ADEL's career began in 1984 after he graduated from Darmouth College with a degree in Art history. He began publishing his work in various newspapers and magazines while continuing his studies in figurative painting at the national academy of design in New-York city with Harvey DINNERSTEIN and RON SHERR as well as privately with Burt SILVERMAN. He also worked with Robert MORRIS in the MFA program at HUNTER College. In 1994, he illustrated a children's book with Author JON SCIESZKA, and since,then his paintings have appeared in the pages of the New-Yorker, Vanity Fair,
the New-York Times, Der Spiegel, Forbes, Voice and Esquire, among others, his work
has also appeared on the covers of many of these magazines, including the New-York Times, Sunday magazine, Newsweek, and TIME, for whom he painted two covers in 2004, on of which was Man of the Year.
In 2001, Mr ADEL's paintings were featured in the LINCOLN Center production of "Ten Unknowns" starring Donald SUTHERLAND. Mr ADEL has been exhibiting his work in New-York city since 1989. He has been represented by Arcadia Fine Arts in Soho since 2001 where he had two one-man shows, most recently in march 2005.Mr ADEL has also painted commissioned portraits for such clients as Notre-DameUniversity, the College of William and Mary, the New-York State Court of Appeals, UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD, as well as for numerous private clients.
In 2005, Mr ADEL opened the Atelier "Rue Basse", a gallery and Studio in the Villageof LACOSTE in provence, France. In 2006, he founded "L'Os de Figue" ("the Figbone")a bilingual local poets, writers, artists and news of questionable veracity.He and his wife , Véronique, divide their time between Lacoste and Manhattan.

(I have selected this excellent illustration in his portfolio because many people consider me as too complacent with the animation industry :-)