Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Many people noticed I have not officially announced upcoming artists and either updated the list (available on the official website)for a while. The thing is a lot of people confused artists I announced and artist who weekly added their part. People were lost and sent me many e-mails in order to know exactly who already participated and who will. Furthermore, I think it is funnier and surprising you discover new artists by visiting the blog instead of checking the list monthly.
So we have a special surprise for you today ! his name is Scott CAMPBELL ! Scott, bouncing on the incredible masterpiece recently brought by Robert Valley, offers us one of the funniest drawing done.
It's full of funny details, winks, humor, cynicism, politic, irony and I personaly laughed a lot when I discovered it. If you want to spend a good time check his delicious blog.
Scott Campbell is an artist with one of the most peculiar talents Today.
He has been the art director at the award winning video game studio Doublefine Studios.
His sense of quirky humor and incredible draughtsmanship can be seen no where else.
He has been a popular figure in the underground comic world quite some time.
His recent participation for the popular comic anthology Flight earned him a nomination for Promising New Talent Award at 2007 SPX convention!

Scott's style is unique and his sense of humor worth a try.
Thank you very much for being part of this adventure Scott and see you very soon in Paris.
Above, a picture of the hand-off with the famous Dice and Scott Campbell (pretty cool photography/it's look like the picture has been taken in the 70's :-)
and then Scott's amazing world done exclusively in the sketchtravel's sketchbook.