Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dice meets James JEAN (VIDEO)

Something very fresh and new on Sketchtravel today : A Video ! Watch our incontrovertible Dice visiting last week-end... the James Jean's studio in LA . Globetrotter Dice brought him the Sketchtravel's Holy Case in person (built by Daniel Lopez Munoz, remember ) James Jean is the next big star participating to Sketchtravel. As usual, I can't wait to see his Artwork. Stay around, I am going to receive it very soon...If you don't already know James Jean's Art (shame on you) visit his generous and awesome website. Thank you very much James Jean for being part of this adventure !
I would love we could do the same with all artists involved in this project but sometimes I hope you understand it is the rush and we unfortunately do not have enough time. Anyway we will make sure to bring you the best possible.

Note : I have also uploaded the video on dailymotion for a better vision. I have tried to upload it on this blog using the brand new blogger system but it failed :-( Feel free to advice me other solution online if you think there are more efficient ways.