Saturday, September 01, 2007

SKETCHTRAVEL's birthday !!

Sketchtravel, Already ONE year around the world.

Yes, it's Sketchtravel's birthday today. Did I already tell you how this story started ?If I did, don't read this post :-). It was the first of september 2006. SuperMike Knapp and his wife Ellie (the funniest New-Yorker ever), The most romantic couple of the year : Greg Couch and his Girlfriend, Nash Dunningan and his charms, Giant Bob Mackenzie and his huge talent, Greedy Vincent Di NGuyen and his Beautiful Wife Katherine, and the incontrovertible MasterDice were promoting their first volume of Out Of Picture at Famous Arludik Galery. They spend a week in our old city of light. Dice and I were coming back from a jaunt to some french comic library in the afternoon, in a encumbered bus. I was very impressed by his ability to draw despite the jogs, the sweltering crowd and the jetlag. Surviving to my french-yak Dice took me seriously when I told him it would be great if we shared one sketchbook between artists. And here we are. One year later, Generous and highly motivated huge artists, fabled illustrators, stars and puppet masters convinced by Dice and your servant took up the challenge, day after day. My careful wife brings her webdesign savoir-faire to the, a thoughtful devoted lawyer keep blanketing us for free, Jean-Jacques and Diane Launier from Arludik Galery support us. Our provider Benjamin Desmet helps us for free. Maud Remy, Redha Zaim, Lionel Payet , Geri Montet, Côme Jalibert, Yannick Jehannet, Marie Zidi and Tom Gres helped me to make a trailer for Sketchtravel promotion for free. David Panzo designed the french press-kit. Elodie Fagan and André Brizard help with english translations.
The Sketchbook bought in Paris has already visited : New-York, Tokyo, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles. I dedicate this post to the great artists who already added their astonishing contribution and to my friend Dice. I have never seen anybody so involved in an artistic project. Dice, your endurance and your pugnacity are incredible. Sketchtravel and I owe you a lot.