Monday, September 24, 2007

Erik TIEMENS for Sketchtravel

Dice has just sent me the Erik Tiemens 's painting and contribution to the Sketchtravel Sketchbook and for me it is already a classic. Enjoy the forceful stroke and beautiful atmosphere Erik painted. We can feel the wind and hear the storm.
A feast for eyes. Visit Erik Tiemens website/blog where he reports his process about this amazing gouache. Thank you very much for being part of this adventure Mr TIEMENS. For people who does not know Erik Tiemens yet, I also invit you to
read the following bio (from

Erik Tiemens came to Episode II after initial production had already wrapped to provide the post-production teams with dramatic environmental illustrations to establish look and mood for such dynamic sequences as the droid factory and the start of the Clone Wars.With his powerful work, Tiemens has continued straight on into Episode III. Together with Ryan Church, Tiemens leads the environmental and industrial design efforts for the film as Concept Design Supervisor. Inspired by Star Wars and classic movies in his youth, Tiemens studied traditional drawing and painting at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, graduating with distinction in 1990.
"I developed a deeper appreciation for the arts there, especially 19th century painting. The learning there has brought references into my film work. In the digital medium where we need to invent new things, like environments, it's always nice to create a link to the visual past. I believe if we're only looking at what's been done in the past few years or so, it gets tiring to the audience. To look back on the layers of history, early photography, sculpture, painting and the arts in general gives us a more rewarding experience." Tiemens started in the movie industry as a concept artist. He has worked on films, theme park designs, and television shows, while continuing to paint traditional landscapes and figurative works. He was later recommended by concept artist Iain McCaig from work the two did on an ILM project. Tiemens' previous experiences included such films as Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, Contact and Star Wars: Special Edition Honors for Tiemens include an Honorary Emmy for matte painting on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television series and an Emmy nomination for designing the opening of Star Trek Voyager series. He was also featured in the books The Art of Star Wars -- Special Edition, The Art of Star Wars: Attack of the Clonesand The Art of Star Trek.
Samples of his traditional painting and digital work can be located online at his Web site