Tuesday, August 14, 2007


People who often read this blog (is there anybody ? hello... am I alone ?) have noticed my english vocabulary is generally very limited. Especially when I express my gusto about masterpieces created by huge artists in this holy sketchbook.
"Awesome", "astonishing", "great", "incredible", "amazing" are the recurrent words which knock at the door of my french mind. Sorry :-)
This international challenge keeps running since last september (my god, nearly a year !) and I can't stop being excited about what's going next in the sketchbook. I can't believe we have so many big names on board with so beautiful paintings and drawings.
This morning, Daisuke "Dice" sent me a jpeg copy of Robert Valley drawing and I still try to get over the big shock I had by discovering one of the craziest drawing and dynamic perspective I have never seen before. Robert Valley style is
recognizable instantaneously : life, georgeous sexy young women having fun, handsome healthy men, dynamic shapes with multi angles points of view. I would love to know what does Robert Valley eat daily and most of all following him in a party because his vision are really ..."Awesome", "astonishing", "great", "incredible", "amazing" ?
I can't find word but you can find his genius above and soon in the virtual sketchbook on the official Skechtravel website. Mr Robert VALLEY, thank you very much for your high implication. I don't know how many hours were needed to draw your masterpiece but I can look at it during years. Congrats ! you are someone and we understand your success when we see what you are capable of. Absolute respect. In your hand, a pen knows what it has to do.