Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Peter de Sève in Paris part 2

Last thursday Peter de Sève, who will bring soon his contribution to the Sketchbook , has visited us in Paris before going to the Comic festival of SolliesVille (South of France). We tried to welcome him the best we could( french welcoming tradition). After he discovered, at last, the Arludik gallery in the middle of Paris, one year after his colleagues did, we went to a typical french restaurant on the Saint-Louis Island, a few steps from Notre-Dame. Then we went to the Museum of Natural History were the Photographer Stephanie Saucez took marvellous pictures with Peter de Sève you will see in the future in a special rare book and press.
After a special Paris tour in a crazy car under the rain, we finally ended on the roof of the Museum of Modern Art : Beaubourg, at the famous Georges's restaurant with one of the most beautiful and inspiring Paris overview. As you can imagine, we talked a lot about illustration, animation, comics, process and many subjects related to Art and storytelling, upcoming Ice Age 3 and some french original cartoons currently in production. Who are the happy fans around the famous New-Yorker Character designer and Illustrator ( A sort of disciples meeting with the Guru)? The animator Claude William Trebutien, photographer Stephanie Saucez, Director Arnaud Bouron (Studio Method Film), Director Julien Charles ( Studio Millimages) Artistic Director Pascal Valdès ("Renaissance"), Comic Autor Pierre Alary, Galerists Diane and Jean-Jacques Launier and your servant. Foreign Ambassies should think about organizing that kind of meeting between Artists so we can laugh a lot about how messy our productions are...
(All pictures by Stephanie Saucez and the one of the group by a charming waitress named Fleur).