Thursday, August 30, 2007

Peter de Sève, french meeting 2.

Before he goes back to NY Peter de Sève had a party in the Japanese Ozu restaurant at Trocadero (special wink to you : Daisuke "Dice" Tsutsumi) with another special group of big fans. The incontrovertible Diane and Jean-Jacques from the Arludik Galery were there with some friends. The director Julien Charles joined us once again with his wife : the illustrator Tartoline. Oury Atlan (Co-director of the short Movie "Overtime") told us the huge project he was working on in Hollywood, the mexican comic autor : Tony Sandoval reported how funny was the signature experience at SolliesVille ("Vieille Amérique"/Paquet Edition), the french character designer/illustrator Sylvain Marc showed us his incredible portfolio (alias Basilus or Polyminthe). It was a great pleasure to share such a moment with all those creative talents exchanging ideas and jokes.