Friday, June 08, 2007

Sketchtravel Short Clip

How to tell the project quickly and effectively ?
The sketchtravel official website tells everything about the Sketchtravel challenge and this blog allows to follow it daily but I thought doing a special small movie clip would be appropriate so we could promote this challenge in a different way. Many artists coming from animation industry are involved in sketchtravel so using this medium was obvious.Hopefully many friends on the road was crazy enough to help me doing it in a few days. We first did a rough version with sound designer Côme Jalibert and comic Yannick Jehannet . Then My friend Maud Remy (we first met at school ), who often directs short movies for the european tv channel Arte took up the challenge to animate my simple designs and we co-directed this very short clip with pleasure and fun. Redha Zaim opened us the doors of his own sound recording studio named "Talkover " and nicely asked to the famous comedian and singer Marie Zidi to be the voice of Sketchtravel clip. Tom Gres brought his contribution too with his sepulchral voice and his gusto. The famous sound designer Geri Montet added his subtle touch and the original Musician Lionel Payet created a rich and energic music.
We have just launched the clip on YOUTUBE where the broadcast quality is limited, as a preview. We will telecast it in HD, small/medium/large size on the official sketcthtravel website soon so everybody can watch it with best screening conditions.
A french version has been recorded ad will be available too. We hope you will enjoy it !