Monday, April 16, 2007

A Warrior joins SKETCHTRAVEL challenge...

A few weeks ago I announced officially the famous master of pastel and lights : Dominique Louis was joining the SKETCHTRAVEL challenge.
I mentioned that Dominique was the voice of the character "Bomb Voyage" in the famous movie : "The Incredibles". Apparently, artists working at Pixar are not only among the best in the world
but also very good actors...It's the "Pixar season" on this blog and for our lucky sketchbook who currently lives there. Yesterday Daniel Genious Lopez Munoz offered us the most beautiful case ever designed for a sketchbook (see above) and a masterpiece of Poetry with his amazing painting created for Sketchtravel, in the sketchbook. Today, I am very proud to announce officially a new great artist joins us in this awesome adventure. He was the voice of the Teacher Bernie Kropp in the "Incredibles", the voice of Snotrod in "Cars", he played a Cop and a Psycharist in " Monkeybone" (all people working in animation should watch this strange movie, the scene with Brendan Fraser running and loosing his guts, hilarious and you can see paintings by the great Mark Ryden ), He used to be story-boarder on "Dexter's laboratory", background designer on "Powerpuff Girls" his beautiful art can be seen in "the Art of the Incredibles", he will be the voice of Linguini in the upcoming "Ratatouille" . Lou Romano was the production designer of the Incredibles. He was responsible for the look of the master piece. He currently art directs for the movie Dan Lopez is working on. He recently brought us his remarquable gouache touch in "The Ancient Book of Myth and War". As you can see, he is an accomplished artist. Ladies and gentlemen : Mister LOU ROMANO , warm welcome on board