Sunday, April 22, 2007

The other Surprise of the Day !

Sorry for focusing on France while our Sketchtravel challenge is running over borders but France began choosing a new president today after a frenzied campaign among a dozen contenders in a race with unpredictable results... So how to catch attention on our lucky international Sketchbook when all french internet users cannot stop talking about politics online ? Political implication is a very good thing actually. And I am very happy to notice that many people go voting this time, comparing to the last race (five years ago). Voting is a duty. Too many people die to get this right on this planet. What would be my choice about the perfect president ? well...I personaly vote for HIM. A great incontrovertible free Artist who officially joins us in the Sketchtravel challenge. Can you imagine him as our leader :-) That would be awesome ! Anyway, we are very excited about meeting him and also seeing what he will draw. Welcome Mister Plympton and thank you very much for sharing this experience !! Big thank to God Peter de Sève and Master Daisuke Tsutsumi for the connection.